On Thursday, September 13, Megatrend University and Hebei University from China signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This is a strategic contract, which opened the area of further cooperation between the two institutions. At the meeting, held at Megatrend University in Belgrade, Megatrend University Rector, Professor Mića Jovanovic, PhD and President of Hebei University, Professor Ji Lianggang, PhD, highlighted the importance of strengthening the relationship between the two universities enabled by this agreement. Last year, the Hebei University delegation visited Serbia when they visited Megatrend University. That was an initial step followed by the preparations for signing the memorandum which would ensure long-term co-operation.

The representatives of both universities expressed the opinion at the meeting that signing of this agreement will significantly improve the internationalization of both universities, as well as encourage further growth in the field of scientific and educational process. During the Chinese delegation visit to Serbia, the development of particular aspects of future joint projects was planned, while Megatrend University delegation visit to China is expected in the next two months. The next meeting of the two delegations has already been agreed for tomorrow, when the dynamics of work on joint projects will be specified. The priority projects, whose framework was confirmed by both parties at the first meeting, are the launch of a joint institute in Belgrade that will promote scientific, technological and cultural cooperation between the two countries. The Institute will be established with the representatives of the local economy, which will open a wider space for scientific and economic cooperation. In addition, the launch of a joint dual degree study program was agreed, where students would have the opportunity to acquire knowledge in both countries and establish contacts with the economic representatives during their studies.