The central function of the Megatrend University is to generate and impart knowledge in accordance with the highest international standards. One of our major aims is to take an active role in international research projects and knowledge exchange. The language policy of the Megatrend University is a part of a wider Strategy of internationalization, dedicated to increasing knowledge exchange despite the language barriers.

The language policy is in accordance with University’s vision to promote and foster tolerance and respect diverse cultural and social values. Even though the University acknowledges the position of Serbian as the dominant language of the institution, all Western Balkans languages and dialects are recognized as equal during the education process, and all have official language status in the field of research. It means that dominant working languages of Megatrend University are Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin, including all local dialects. Students, professors, and researchers are welcome to use Cyrillic and Latin letters equally, and University will consider Cyrillic letter as obligatory only in cases defined by Serbian constitution.

In order to ensure that language does not act as a barrier to knowledge exchange, the University shall provide language and academic literacy development for all its members, including not only professors and staff, but also students, domestic, as well as international. For this purpose, University provides a variety of Language Courses (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Persian) including the Serbian Language for Beginners Course.

The University will work in collaboration with Western Balkans Universities to create a regional platform for knowledge exchange and mutual research development. This platform will include the inter-institutional agreement for overcoming linguistic barriers, not just for Western Balkans languages (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin), but also, and this especially in the field of research, for similar regional languages, such are Slovenian, Macedonian and Bulgarian.

The Megatrend University recognizes its role in the promotion of multilingualism for social, cultural and intellectual development. This includes equal status for all languages and local dialects of Western Balkans. Particular attention shall be given to the integration of students, professors and staff who originate from Western Balkans Region but whose first language is not one of BHS languages, but one of the minority languages, such are Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Bulgarian, Albanian, etc. (BHS languages include Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin).

In order to ensure internationalization, the Megatrend University shall pay particular attention to curriculum and research development in the English language. This means that Megatrend University shall promote the increased use of English language within academic areas currently dominated by Serbian.

The Megatrend University is to endeavor to achieve linguistic diversity and work to ensure that competences in languages, other than BHS and English, are recognized as useful qualifications for employment at the University.

In addition, in order to ensure its international visibility, the Megatrend University shall provide the information about the University and its work both in Serbian and in the English language.

Serbian is the official language of communication at the Megatrend University although internationalization may mean that other BHS languages and English are used in parallel. For some specific courses, such are Chinese Language Courses and Persian Language Courses, English is the official language of thought.

The Megatrend University shall provide an attractive environment for foreign students, researchers, and staff, both within and outside the Balkan countries. A prerequisite for the internationalization of the Megatrend University is to overcome linguistic barriers. According to the Strategy of Internationalization, Megatrend University shall encourage and stimulate mobility and attract incoming students, and improve the ability of Serbian students, professors and staff to communicate in English.

Megatrend University is to constitute an attractive and stimulating environment for students, professors, and staff mobility. Therefore, the Megatrend University requires the minimum language skills (English B2) for all mobility participants. All students, professors, and staff who are willing to participate in some mobility program should prove their language skills according to the agreement. If knowledge of English language is required, each participant is obliged to provide a recognized certificate of English language knowledge (minimum level of B2). Students, professors, and staff who are not able to prove their English language proficiency, are required to pass English Language Test (Internal test at Megatrend University) with a minimal level of knowledge – English B2.

All incoming students are welcome to choose any of courses that are thought in English, with previous recognition of their language skills (English B2) by their sending institution. They are also welcome to choose any of courses that are thought in Serbian. Students who are willing to follow the courses thought in Serbian are required to prove their BHS languages knowledge (level B2), either by showing the recognized certificate or by passing the exam Serbian Language as a Second Language Test (Internal test at Megatrend University).

Following our vision to grow as an international institution of knowledge exchange, the Megatrend University shall provide language support for domestic, as well as for mobile students, professors, and staff.