My name is Katarina Ivanov and I’m a third-year student at the Faculty of Business Studies at the Megatrend University in Belgrade. My Erasmus + mobility program was at the Faculty of Economics at New Bulgarian University in Sofia.

Considering that I had a great desire to study abroad, to meet a new country, culture, new people and to gain new knowledge and experience, I decided to apply for Erasmus + mobility program. I decided to apply for this University because I was delighted with the campus and program it offers.

Upon my arrival in Sofia, I was ecstatic, full of expectations. Professors and colleagues were tolerant and full of understanding. They helped me about the translation, offered me additional materials in English, they would stay after the lecture to further explain to me things that I had difficulties with. I was welcomed and accepted as a guest. It could be said that I really had privileges.

Study programs are so organized that they are much easier compared to those at my homeschool. Lectures are so arranged that at no time you have no pressure, you have plenty of spare time, which you can use for both learning and vacation. Student groups are small, as in my homeschool, which gives professors the opportunity to devote more to each student. Professors exhibit materials in a very good way, through interesting examples from practice, they do not strictly stick to books, so the material can be mastered much more efficienet and easier. Communication with the professors is, it can be said, more friendly than formal.

The university campus is relatively new and equipped with modern technology, the conditions are on a high and enviable level. It consists of two buildings, among which there are parks, have reading rooms, a library, cafes, restaurants, a recreation hall, sports grounds, museum, etc.

Communication with foreign students is interesting and unique. The mentality in Bulgaria is very similar to ours in Serbia and people are very kind. Studying abroad extensively expands our professional horizons. Erasmus is truly an unforgettable and unique experience. It is a set of people, open to the world around you, open to new knowledge and acquaintances.

When I came to Bulgaria, I realized how much my knowledge was really rich. How good is our educative staff and on which level is our education. First of all, a fund lecture at the Megatrend University is higher than at New Bulgarian University. Lectures were organized once a week for an hour and a half, and the exercises were not organized in any of the subjects. So, in my opinion, this is a great advantage of our University. Also, what is undeniable when our faculty is concerned is certainly communication and the attitude of professors and students, as well as the conditions and services provided to students. Listening to the experiences of other students from their universities, I realized that our education is at a really high level, which gives us a great advantage because it is really easy to master new material with such a pre-knowledge.

I will use this opportunity to point out the assistance and understanding that was provided to me during the process of applying in the Department for International Cooperation (of Megatrend University). They eliminate all doubts and provide maximum support to all interested students of the Erasmus program.