According to global trends in the field of higher education, regarding increasing multicultural tolerance and knowledge exchange through mobility of teaching, non-teaching staff and students, Megatrend University defined a new Internationalization Strategy. The strategy defines precise institutional frameworks and activities of its implementation as well as the guidelines for all the sectors involved in international cooperation. The guidelines will enable Megatrend University to become the leader of internationalization process of private higher education in the Republic of Serbia.

Internationalization and Modernization Strategy:

The integration of the educational system of Megatrend University into the global world trends in the field of internationalization and modernization of higher education, and through cooperation with the EU, the Western Balkans, China, Iran and Latin America.

Megatrend University wants to obtain Erasmus Charter through the program Erasmus + and thereby accelerate their integration into higher education movements of the EU. The goal is to increase the mobility of teachers, students, and teaching staff; to join EU projects and to develop a greater degree of cooperation with universities in the EU, especially in the field of scientific research through projects such as Horizon 2020.

Megatrend University cooperation with the countries of the Western Balkans is a strategic goal because these are the countries that share the same cultural, historical and linguistic heritage. This cooperation will be conducted in the context of the creation of strategic partnerships, capacity building and strengthening of the existing potentials of Megatrend University and our partners as well.

Megatrend University plans to, through its Chinese Center, deepen our relationship and cooperation with Chinese higher learning institutions through mobility projects for students and teachers and through scientific research. Special attention will be paid to the development of projects that will enhance cooperation of higher education institutions and companies.
Iranian Center is in charge of cooperation with Iran, and Megatrend University plans to, through its work, improve its relationship and cooperation with Iran’s higher education institutions through projects of mobility of students and professors, as well as through scientific research and cooperation with the companies.

Cooperation with the region of Latin America will be particularly apostrophized for the purpose of the further development of the Faculty of Geoeconomics which is the coordinator of cooperation with this region. In this context, in addition to organizing scientific and professional conferences on the economies of this region, the cooperation with commercial entities and academic institutions will be organized as well.


Megatrend University will become a leader in the field of private higher education in the Republic of Serbia in terms of a number of foreign students, as well as in terms of mobility of staff and our students abroad. The strategy is going to improve scientific and research work of the employees at the University through financing or co-financing projects. Additionally, foreign prominent scientists will improve the work of the teaching staff as well as its students.


With the help of its resources (material, immaterial and its staff) Megatrend University will adjust its education system to domestic students and also focus on the education of foreign students in our country. Consequently, Megatrend University will fulfill not only the demands of global higher education order (based on multiculturalism and digitization of education), but it will also fulfill its social responsibility towards the Republic of Serbia and involve foreign students in the higher education program of our country. Moreover, the University will work actively to increase the mobility of employees and local students to help increase the national level of competitive advantage in the global market. Through the mission of the strategy, the University will actively improve scientific and research potentials of its employees, and increase their scientific competences.




The main objective of Megatrend University is to integrate the curriculum into global economic, educational and academic flows through the further development of cooperation with foreign higher education, scientific and economic institutions. The realization of the Internationalization and modernization Strategy will be conducted through activities that will be concentrated on four basic aspects: 1) developing educational process and infrastructure in accordance with European Education Area, 2) strengthening the scientific research potential of professors, 3) internationalizing study programs and harmonizing knowledge and skill levels with EU standards, 4) strengthening the capacity of students, academic and non-academic staff to work in an international context.



а)         To realize the basic goal of internationalization and modernization of Megatrend University, aiming to increase the number of foreign students, the competencies of teaching and non-teaching staff, as well as the expansion of knowledge and experience of our students who live abroad, through the process of multicultural cooperation and knowledge exchange, it is crucial to establish the infrastructure of the University. The internationalization and modernization strategy defines the following activities:

  • creating an institutional framework for the implementation of internationalization and modernization process through the introduction of the documentation that will enable internationalization and modernization process;
  • harmonization of standards, educational processes and research with the global trends;

  • promotion of international experience and reinforcement of an internationally oriented way of thinking;

  • promotion of the European Education Area;

  • promotion of civic engagement;

  • promotion of environmentally friendly practices;

  • promotion and full recognition of staff mobility;

  • organizing domestic and international conferences;
  • planning, organizing, and realization of scientific and economic projects with domestic and foreign partners;
  • informing and educating all the staff at the University in order to increase the quality of services and information to foreign students;
  • introduction and strengthening of student volunteer services that will help foreign students in our country;
  • coordination with foreign partners;
  • having insight into data related to competitions for student mobility, teaching and non-teaching staff on the website of the Department for International Cooperation, aiming to achieve transparency of all data;
  • strengthening the potential of the Department for International Cooperation, as the central body for coordinating the activities of the internationalization of the University;
  • implementation of information service of the unique records of foreign students at the University, issuing transcripts of assessments and other relevant documentation.

б)          By setting up the institutional infrastructure, the basis for internationalization and modernization of study programs can be implemented through the following activities:

  • introduction of study programs at all three levels of studies in English;
  • realization of a part of the study program at all three levels of studies with partner foreign universities;
  • organizing lectures of foreign professors at the University, as well as enabling professors from the University to hold classes at foreign universities;
  • modernization of methodology of teaching and textbooks.

в)          In order to increase the number of foreign students and motivation of existing students for studying abroad, the following activities will be conducted:

  • up-to-dating a list of courses available in English;

  • full recognition of credits awarded during mobility program;

  • selection and training of volunteer students for solving all issues related to living and studying of foreign students in the Republic of Serbia;

  • organizing extracurricular activities to promote mobility programs and connect local and foreign students to integrate better into social and academic life;
  • promotion of the work of the Department for International Cooperation through different lectures, social networks, and international education fairs.




The new Internationalization and Modernization Strategy focuses on attracting foreign students, implementing international projects, and continually maintaining relationships with foreign partners, being the pillars of the development strategy of Megatrend University. Therefore, in order to efficiently fulfil the Internationalization and Modernization Strategy, all activities will be operated within the Department for International Cooperation, which will delegate activities to all other services within the University, whose work is related to international cooperation. Consequently, the activities of the University management are coordinated and directed with the activities of the Department for International Cooperation. The management will support further development of internationalization of the University through frequent presence at international trade fairs, conferences, and other international events.

Belgrade, 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Prof Mića Jovanović, Ph.D.


The official International Strategy document can be downloaded HERE.