We are pleased to announce Tecnologico de Monterrey’s flagship initiative iSummerMX, which builds upon our Tec 21 educational model.

iSummerMX encompasses a set of innovative Summer programs that have been carefully designed for international students. This distinctive approach aims to improve students’ competitiveness by developing the competencies required to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

iSummerMX provides students the wonderful opportunity to learn in a unique and innovative way, through high-class and dynamic sessions, hands-on activities and vivid cultural experiences throughout the country. It also offers the chance to explore Mexico, allowing students to travel, live and study in different parts of the country.

iSummerMX programs run from July 1st to July 26th, 2019, and include two courses taught in English. Here are the program’s brochures for next year:

Aeronaucics: https://studyinmexico.tec.mx/academic-offer/aeronautics
Culture and Identity: https://studyinmexico.tec.mx/academic-offer/culture-identity
Global Business: https://studyinmexico.tec.mx/academic-offer/business
Marketing: https://studyinmexico.tec.mx/academic-offer/marketing

Please visit our website for further details on any of the programs. Needless to say, the staff members at Tecnológico de Monterrey ensure a vibrant and safe learning environment; during theprogram

journey students will also be guided by professors and professionals with a lot of expertise.

Fees and Tuition
$3600 USD for Independent students
$1600 USD for Exchange* students
*Nominated by partner institutions




Each program includes:

  • 2 courses (10 ECTS, 6 US Credits in total)
  • Accommodation (hotel and campus residence)
  • Transportation for all activities during the program and between cities
  • Breakfast (6 days per week)
  • Tickets for all the program’s events
  • Student kit

The application deadline is May 24th 2019, but we strongly encourage partner universities to nominate “exchange” students in advance. In case of questions related to the programs, please feel free to contact us at studyinmexico@itesm.mx

We would be most grateful if you could share the iSummerMX information among your students and with relevant colleagues.

We really look forward to receiving your students next Summer!

Best regards from Mexico,

Tecnológico de Monterrey